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"He’s claiming so many things, my head spins trying to juggle between fiction & reality. I don’t want to believe anything yet my traitor heart swells with joy. Help."

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@DawahDaily: Imam adh-Dhahabi: Sufyan At-Thawri said “Beware of fame. Everyone I met warned me about fame.” [As-Siyaar, 7/260].


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I am often asked what it takes to write a book. Can anyone write a book? What special qualifications do you need to write?

It’s a good thing to have talent. It’s great if you have an English degree. However, after teaching people how to write for more than 10 years, meeting and interviewing many authors, and writing weekly posts on writing, I think the people who succeed in finishing a book have a number of things in common.

The five qualities published authors share

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And a Muslim.

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Na sawal kar, na jawab maang.

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كل حرفٍ صار جرحٍ
Every letter has become a wound

وكل جرحٍ صار درسٍ
And every wound has become a lesson

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If you could see Allah
behind His veil,

you’d knew
how much He
cares about you.

If you could see
Al-Latif, The All-Kind,
The Most Gentle

your heart would melt
out of love to Him
and with it
your whole body.

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